Creation of a website UX that presents complex, comprehensive information clearly, while also reducing the overall time spent and instruction required for users to access and apply that information


+ Digital Strategy
+ Content Audit
+ UX
+ Design


Faced with a web accessibility (WCAG 2.0) compliance deadline of December 2020 issued by the Ontario government, SickKids faced legal recourse if it did not adequately update their massive, multi-purpose website in time. Faced with much more demanding expectations for what a hospital website should do compared to when their current design was conceived, SickKids approached Gene to establish a forward thinking website strategy and the initial information architecture (IA), user experience (UX), and design work to fulfill the strategic vision.

Together, Gene and SickKids seized this opportunity to completely revamp an unresponsive, disorganized, and aesthetically dated website, to a world-class, industry leading digital experience that reflects the outstanding in-hospital experience that SickKids is known for.


Gene initiated the strategy development work with the establishment of a steering committee and working group, both comprised of representatives from within various parts of the SickKids hospital organization and patient community. Interviews and workshops were held to establish the different personas to be served by the new website and their different needs. Thirteen distinct personas were identified and then arranged into four persona groups to simplify them for the UX design process while ensuring that no persona gets left behind.


A bold vision was conceived for a new hospital digital experience that could be as much a part of delivering primary care as the hospital building and the people who work inside it. A robust information architecture to support this vision was created along with an ambitious user experience and innovative design. Supporting this, Gene made sure that the website is able to communicate with all audiences making the platform AODA compliant.