With more and more players emerging in the home care market, SE Health needed a brand platform that could help them stand out to stakeholders and be a rallying point to their incredible staff.


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With the increasing needs for health care due to the aging population, it is putting an emphasis on “Care at Home” in the eyes of government, associated healthcare businesses, innovators, and ultimately the consumer. SE Health does not have a consistent brand story or brand presence in the marketplace to leverage this growth market. They needed a new brand story to power their future.


Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. A set of emotions that are familiar to people. When our life is disrupted by a health care journey, we lose the feeling of home, the most precious emotional feelings in our lives. People feel lost and need solutions to support them through this life-changing event. That’s fundamentally what SE Health does, they bring back the feeling of home.


Gene developed a creative platform and supporting campaign to educate target audiences on who SE Health is and to make their brand top of mind for care at home. Because they’re so crucial to SE Health’s mission, our launch put people at the heart of our story, heroizing the frontline care workers as they went on their rounds. Instead of a narrator, CEO Shirlee Sharkey conveyed their importance while thanking the entire organization.