Gene was tasked with uncovering and articulating Waltham’s brand purpose and meaning resulting in a new name and identity. Using the 8 facets framework, Lightyear Health was born.


+ Brand Strategy
+ Audience Insight
+ Design and Branding


Most people, view aging with an attitude of reluctancy and avoidance. Traditional care standards in assisted living communities do not inherently scream of innovation or patient-centred care, and the geriatric community isn’t commonly known for technological innovation or empowerment. Seniors with complex cognitive and functional impairments lack access to best in class integrated care despite all of the advances in virtual health and connectivity. The Waltham group’s plan to revolutionize the model of care by giving access to the world’s foremost experts in geriatrics thereby changing what it means to age well, needed a name, identity and task that could encapsulate the ambition of a new era of health.


Employing Gene’s proprietary Eight Facets of Brand Purpose framework led to the discovery that the brand purpose (Symbology, Purpose, Personality & Competitive) was best reflective for Waltham in the symbol of the lighthouse as a beacon of hope and a light in the storm, the sword for its courage and valiance and the sunrise for its horizon, warmth and compassion. The archetypes and attitudes that came out through workshopping with the executive team were rooted in knowledge, action-oriented courage and loyalty. These translated into how Waltham wanted to highlight their relationship and impact for the aging population and wider professional community. Re-imagining the future of aging was a consistent theme that kept bubbling up and unearthing the brand’s task that the company was passionate about undertaking, laid the framework for the foundation of who they were to become.


Gene needed to reflect the profound underpinning of a revolutionized model of care, rooted in challenging the status quo of aging, envisioning a world where quality of life, dignity and joy were at the centre. Thinking through the brand symbology and meaning, Gene undertook the creative exercise of naming the brand first. The framework for brand strategy highlighted a very clear brief and space where the brand needed to be. And after rounds of ideation, testing in multiple markets and trademark searches, Lightyear Health was born. The creative expression, brand identity, logo, tone of voice and look/feel encapsulated the notion of a newly imagined bright future without physical boundaries. This needed to be different from the sea of same in aging. It wasn’t about a shiny happy place with shopping trips and arts and crafts. It was about the grit, focus and determination on expert care and focus on health and wellness. The look was bold, modern, intimate and minimal with a bright vivid colour palette. The logo was bold, clean and futuristic and the overall themes of precise excellence and professional was apparently in every touchpoint.