Every patient has special orthodontic needs, from crowding to spacing, overbites to underbites. That’s why customized, in-person, expert care is so essential. And why an anonymous online service can’t provide the same experience and results.


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docbraces has aggressive growth plans and needs to ensure the newly acquired clinics continue to grow. As a corporate orthodontic company, it’s important for them to show growth to partners.


People are being marketed new and accessible ways to experience dental care whether that be DTC aligners and/or tele-dentistry. But they are confusing these pseudo-innovative approaches for proper dental and orthodontic care. In the vast majority of cases, this leads to incomplete treatment plans & poor patient outcomes.

We needed to ensure that people understood that great dental care requires trained professionals and a qualified human touch to deliver the positive, lasting results that improve quality of life.


Gene created an integrated campaign based on the truth that every smile is beautifully unique, both in the personality they show and in the care they need. And for every special smile, docbraces offers a uniquely tailored treatment from a real orthodontist. In our creative, we celebrated the diversity of smiles – and showed how docbraces helped make them even more amazing.