Challenged by negative public perception and confusion regarding the role of ophthalmologists, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) was looking for a way to better educate Canadians on eye care.


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COS approached us to develop a communications program that would reach an audience that had historically been unreceptive to their messages. We needed to create a new approach to health education that would resonate with an audience who may or may not have experienced eye health issues or have been exposed to related topics.


Most Canadians equate vision health to optometry and don’t understand the value of ophthalmologists unless they’ve actually needed one on their health journey. Because of this, the role that ophthalmologists play in healthcare is constantly under threat. If Canadians actually knew the differences between optometry and ophthalmology, they would value it more and be advocates for the preservation of the speciality.


The See The Possibilities/Voir Les Possibilités campaign featured videos capturing patient stories and the ophthalmologists who helped restore their vision and overall health. Promoted through online ad busy and social posts, and hosted on a website developed by our team, these videos also encouraged Canadians to share their own experiences with ophthalmologists. The campaign was paired with a national public relations and influencer program, which reached Canadians coast to coast.