The Future of Wellbeing: How Brands Can Impact Health

The Future of Wellbeing: How Brands Can Impact Health

As the world grapples with the aftershock of COVID-19, Gene’s team has been doing a deep dive into the various aspects of health and wellbeing — and how their relevance and importance have shifted in the past year, and what that means to Gene, health-conscious brands and consumers.

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Wellbeing is not only one of Gene’s core values, but has also become an increasingly important metric and force in consumer markets. Global consumer markets show a substantial increase in prioritization of wellbeing and wellness over the past 2–3 years. Consumers view wellbeing with a much broader and more sophisticated lens than in previous decades. Wellness considerations reach far beyond fitness and nutrition, and encompass physical, mental, and psychological wellbeing. Consumers question their purchasing habits and consider what they are buying, the implications of their purchases on themselves and others, as well as the planet.

In fact, consumer wellbeing is intrinsically linked with consumer wellness behaviour. Increased societal focus on wellbeing is tied to the rise of a wellness-conscious consumer: what we call a “health-conscious economy”.

Consumers have historically had a reactive approach to wellbeing. However, today’s consumers are proactive — and even progressive — in their approach to health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing are increasingly laying the base for consumer purchases and brand association. While there is great opportunity within the health-conscious economy, companies need to be strategic about how and where they compete. The complexities of wellbeing and wellness consumers must be understood.

Gene’s approach to strategy is rooted in deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology, considering how these nuances might impact health journeys and uncover opportunities for health-conscious brands to create positive impact.

We look forward to engaging, meaningful conversations about the future of these dimensions, and how they might impact those brands and organizations that are excited about opportunities in health.